Is the past the future of pop culture?

Everything comes in circles, I know, but over the turn of the Milleniums, not only  politics turn back to overcome (namely: conservative, imperialistic, neo-collonial) paths.
Even some of the european states start to think they could survive the economic criseses without being part of a greater conglomerat (EU?), because its leading caste wants to preserve its power. In fact they won´t stop their power from detoriating.  Financial companies have already gathered enough power to overthrow governments and crash entire state economies.

And what about popculture with its theoretical potential to interact with social, political and technological developments?

For this I let aside so-called rock music and take for example electronic music:
The main stream tendencies on the dancefloor concentrate on extracting a certain aestetic essence of the 80s. Millions of bedroom producers basicly dream about their childhood or try to make it up by producing music which could be a soundtrack for “Goonies”. I would call that a very autisic approach on music making.

It is clear that we are all writing on the same old story called music history, but why is our look continously turning backward? Does their lie an indistinct comfort by turning away from the present or even future, because we are totally satisfied by recreating our childhood´s sound for the party and listening to retro aestetics in everyday life? Is it the presence of fear about the future that makes us turn away from it even in art?

One can object: What about dubstep, what about footwork, etc?
I say, they are all very welcome exceptions to an mainly opposite development.
Because on my radar, it rather looks like new tags on old shoes (witch house,  anybody??).

What can I personally do to change that?
I wanna be conscious, adventurous and MOST OF ALL I dont wanna be afraid of the future.

Please remind me sometime.