Wolfgang Schloegl: Process of Labour

Wolfgang Schloegl: High Hopes

from the album “Caught in the Act”

“Krieg und Frieden” in Hamburg

Hamburger Theaterfestival November 2011

Burgtheater Wien
Matthias Hartmann:

Eine Produktion des Burgtheaters Wien, eine Kooperation mit Kampnagel
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Valesta – Best Friends ft. Nomadee, Cobane (I​-​Wolf Remix)

released 18 March 2011
Urban Legends Records

ATTWENGER: Internet ged

audio only

mixed and produced by Wolfgang “I-Wolf” Schloegl
taken from the 2011 album FLUX

Sofa Surfers: White Noise (2005)

Footage from an HBO documentary about North Korea.
“White Noise” taken from the 2005 album “Sofa Surfers”

Hipnotica: Black Glove

taken from the album “twelve-wired bird of paradise”.
produced by Wolfgang “I-Wolf” Schloegl.

TALEN – Batgirl feat. Lady Saw (I​-​Wolf Remix)

from comic book, released 13 December 2010

FM4 Doppelzimmer Spezial

Konsequente Sinnlichkeit

Wolfgang Schlögl alias I-Wolf in einem FM4 Doppelzimmer Spezial über die Stimme seiner Mutter, über tote Helden, Revolutionslieder und Sprachlosigkeit.

Hipnotica: teaser for album 2010

produced by Wolfgang “I-Wolf” Schloegl it features a whole new musical approach and with Johnny Guitar a new band member.

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