band rehersals for the 25th of May 8th Wuk, Vienna

Paradies der Tiere: live on Oct. 13th WUK, Vienna

wolf image by gersin livia

test bild

test bild

buddy haut den lukas.

Hipnotica: Black Glove

taken from the album “twelve-wired bird of paradise”.
produced by Wolfgang “I-Wolf” Schloegl.

Hipnotica: teaser for album 2010

produced by Wolfgang “I-Wolf” Schloegl it features a whole new musical approach and with Johnny Guitar a new band member.

pls. check out: http://www.myspace.com/hipnoticapt

I-Wolf and Burdy feat. Joyce Muniz

Taken from the 2004 album “I-Wolf and Burdy meet the Babylonians” this song features the vocal debut of the very own Miss Joyce Muniz!

Hipnotica: Soul Rise

A 2003 production recorded in a swat building at the outskirts of Lisbon, mixed in the perfect summer heat of Vienna.

I-Wolf + Burdy feat. Shaun Ryder: “Money, Money”

2004 production. enjoy.